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What is Chiropractic Biophysics

Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) is an effective technique that incorporates applied sciences like anatomy, physiology, geometry, and physics into chiropractic care. This convenient method has been studied and researched decades ago. Dating back to December 1980, Dr. Donald D. Harrison committed to applying contemporary science to chiropractic. He devoted his time in finding other methods to correct spinal posture, and that’s when he found how the body can be treated using mathematical concepts. He related the movements of the body to vector motion in an XYZ graph. Since then, this method has been adopted by many chiropractic clinics, involving Ponte Vedra Spine Center.

Dr. Harrison wanted to integrate physics with biology to open a scientific perspective on chiropractic treatments. Geometry plays a vital role in CBP since the body will be treated as though it were vectored in an XYZ graph with its own coordinates. While the usual chiropractic care focuses more on immediate pain relief, CBP aims to eliminate the root of the ailment and realign the body back to normal. Chiropractic treatment is improved when CBP is applied.

Benefits of CBP

A scientific approach in chiropractic care allows patients to receive personalized treatment best suited for them. This ensures the fastest recovery for patients with different illnesses. Chiropractors who use this approach can analyze posture in a scientific manner. The analysis will then be the basis of the patient’s treatment plan, which includes a series of proven CBP techniques. Asides from manual adjustment, the patient will be required to undergo some exercise which will help realign their spine and improve their health. CBP is beneficial to the nervous system too. Learning about the root cause of pain will ease a patient’s problems, also improving the communication between the spine and the brain through the nerves.

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Customized Treatment Plans

Not every spine is the same for a unique set of patients. Various individuals would encounter different kinds of ailments, while also considering that their bodies would not be the same with another person. Therefore, to answer this challenge, CBP created a method that analyzes a patient’s holistic wellness, the root cause of their ailments, and their very body structure to create an effective and tailored treatment plan for each unique case. The treatment plan includes regular manual adjustments, a balanced and healthy diet, and a set of exercises to improve the overall health of the patient.

Goals of CBP

There is an end goal for the patient when receiving CBP. Receiving this treatment would set the patient on a path to recovery that they can easily achieve through CBP. It is more than just simple pain relief. The scientific approach in chiropractic care aims to restore normal front and side view posture, with the alignment of the center of the head, rib cages, and pelvis. Of course, spinal alignment is another goal as well, to improve the overall function of the nervous system. Improvement of flexibility and strength is an objective of CBP as well. Some ailments that cause pain or the feeling of heaviness get in the way of using your strength and ruin the quality of movement. Therefore, CBP works toward restoring and improving such qualities of life. Lastly, overall health improvement is prioritized rather than just eliminating the symptoms. CBP ensures that the main root of the symptoms will be removed to ease the pain completely, improving the patient’s physical and mental health.

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